Baltic Sea, Piaski, amber fishing, amber fishermen
Baltic Sea, Piaski, amber fishing, amber fishermen

I fell in love with baltic amber by accident. As a hobby I have been polishing gems for several years. Mainly Ethiopian opals and chrysoprase. About three years ago a friend gemmologist from the Czech Republic asked me for some rough amber. Being at the Baltic seaside on vacation, I managed to get some nice rough pieces and gave the majority to him, but I accidentally left a few at home. One day I decided to cut and polish one piece for trial. After polishing, it turned out to be a beautiful drop with sunken seeds of some plant inside, and that was it. I fell really deep. Since then I have only been polishing baltic amber and I just can’t stop to admire it, and it do not cease to amaze me with both the richness of colors and what is hidden inside. I’m not just talking about inclusions, of which I like the plant ones the most, but also about all these fantastic structures and haze reminiscent of clouds enchanted in a gem.

The highest quality rough material is rare and it is very difficult to get it, so two years ago I decided to fish for amber by myself. I moved to the seaside for a fishing season and it was the best three months of my life. There was not much amber, but the specimens I hunted were stunning. But…

But it turned out that hunting amber was not the most important thing in this decision. Contact with the sea for so long was much more important. Especially during winter storms when the sea is so awake and showing it’s true power. I cannot deny that The Baltic Sea has also left a lasting mark in my heart, which I will be happy to deepen in the coming years.

My name is Wojtek Kurczewski and I will post here my amber works as well as all the knowledge I’ll gather about baltic amber. So, if you stayed with me to this place, it is highly possible that you’ll enjoy the rest as well. Just feel welcomed and please come inside.

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